Offering Websites at Affordable Prices

Options 1) Pages created and maintained through the www.peruvian-pasos web site.
2) Web site creation and management with your own domain name.
Time Your site can be up and running in less than a week (usually 2-3 days) once I receive your information and payment. If you send photos, I will scan them and return them right away. I would also appreciate if your text is type written.

Sites: Cost and Inclusions

Option 1. A basic web site under the www.peruvian-pasos domain that you might consider for your business. This can be easily modified to suit any business.

4 Full-Color Web Pages: all pages are linked to each other.

Page 1: Home Page w/ introduction to your business with photo(s)
Page 2: Miscellaneous (Could be Stallions)
Page 3: Miscellaneous (Could be Sale Barn)
Page 4: Miscellaneous (Could be Facilities/Services)

This site includes the following:

Set-up of your pages with maintenance for one full year from date the site is placed
Photos limit 10 per page
Your business logo
Link(s) to your Email address(s)
Links to up to 10 web site addresses of your choice
Counter to tally the number of visitors to your pages
Registration with 5 major "search networks" (such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, and Webcrawler) as well as a link from the "Pasos on the Web!" homepage.
Your web site address would be:

$575 for setup and hosting for the First Year.

$300 Annual Fee after first year

You are not limited to just these 4 pages. Your site can grow as needed! Each page, after this initial set up, will cost $100.00 each, including photos and descriptions.

I will also make changes to your pages, as you need during the year, at a small cost depending on the technical involvement.

At the end of the year, I will send a statement, as a reminder, and you may then determine if the site was an investment that you would like to have remain or upgrade with your own domain name.

Do You Need a Site on the Smaller Scale?

· Two Page Site: $275.00 with the same benefits as the 4 page site listed above. (Annual fee after the first year is $175.00)

· One Page Site: $175.00 with the same as above with exception: 5 links instead of 10. (Annual fee after the first year is $125.00)

Option 2. Site with Your Own Domain Name

$1,200.00 for setup and hosting the First Year (set-up as the 4 page site listed above with your own domain name: Fee includes the domain name registration fees and server hosting for 1 year). Additional pages can be added at any time for $100 each.

$550.00 annual fee after the first year (includes server hosting)

Your own domain-name site gives you space for unlimited pages and photos for horses, products, services offered, email accounts with forwarding. Optional services provide guestbook, forms, and page counter.

Your web site address would be:
Sites will be placed after payment is received.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please complete the request form below for more information.

Thank you!

I look forward to providing
this service for you!

"Pasos on the Web!
Brigitte Dubin

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