Here are Historic Photos of the Brockway Mercantile as it looks today.  There has been various versions of the store here over the years.  The first one was back in the 1930s.

The Brockway Post Office is the door on the left.  Brockway Mercantile is the door on the right. 

Close up of our 'temporary' sign.  The store sign was ordered from Sign of the Times, located in Glendive.  They said it will arrive before the Grand Opening.

The wall with the centerline marked.  Ready for the sign.


This is the main entrance, where the tack and old fashioned candy will be.  To the right is the door to the gift and antique areas.

Inside the tack room facing the main entrance.  The door to the gifts and antiques is to the left.

The door to the gifts and antiques section.  You can see the temporary sign in the window.

Windows and some of the shelving being worked on in the gift room.  On the left is one of the root beer brewing containers.  Yes!  You can brew your own at the Brockway Mercantile

In the antique area looking back into the tack room.  Everything is tarped while the painting is taking place.  Not much too look at, so I won't waste bandwidth displaying it.

Huckleberry Taffy - Made in Montana

Fine pottery - Imported from Holland

Danish cookies - Made in Montana

Here is the patriotic parade saddle that arrived Thursday.

The 12 foot store sign and a Myler bit display.

Installing peg night.

3Peace.  Resident of Brockway Mercantile.

Cases of Jelly Belly goodies.

Grand Opening sign from Coke!

Hand painted earrings

Our Coke machine and some cool raffle prizes.

A bone bracelet and 2 stretchy stone bracelets. 


Come say Hi!

The Back Country Byway.  13.5 miles still need paving.

Yes, the floor is BLUE! Lots of goodies to inventory!
More inventory.  Yes, that is Bruce and Diana on the wall! Before the sign.
Up goes the sign Look!  A new use for an old fridge!
Getting there.  Couple more days... From the inside, looking out.
Candy sticks Toys kids can afford
We found one of the original store signs American Saddlery display looking festive
Sneak a peak at some of the saddles. Store Pets:  Kitty (dog) and Jewel (hard working horse)
Decker brush display New store front door.  The blinds are between the glass.

Vacuuming...and making room for more saddles

Frosted pumpkins

The first 'sticking' snow of the season.

Mark installing another phone the snow!

First REAL snow cone of the season.

Brockway Grain Elevator...through the snow

You can lead a horse to the barn...but they like the snow too!

"Frosted Flakes"

Friends and neighbors at the Grand Opening

Sippin' cider and enjoying hot dogs

More friends at the Grand Opening A lovely plant courtesy of Brannigans.
The girls working the register. The wagon ride in Circle.  Beautiful Percheron horses!
A lovely plant courtesy of Wells Fargo in Circle The coffee pot.  A store opening gift from my sister, Michelle.
Eye/Lip pencils for only 50 cents.  Ecuador ponchos, scarves, bags and handmade clocks

Part of the finished tack room.  More to come!

Part of the gift room.  More to come here too!

Collectible beanies.

Ceramic and silverplated booties

Kitchen Knives, Jewelry and Bick Leather Care

Handmade/Painted Table Lamp

Vintage Costume Jewelry Ebay Consignment Room - lots of jeans on the left

Gourmet Soups, Sauces and Dip Mixes White Chocolate Brittle in Yummy Flavors

Tasty Tea Cookies

Inexpensive batteries for the lake.