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Peruvian Horse Club

For More Information Contact:
P.O. Box 237
New Ulm. TX 78950

   Board of Directors
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Terry Ellis
Cheryl Aldrich
Eileen Craig
Susan Henry
Victoria Butler

A Letter from the LSPHC President

Dear Members:

The board has selected the judges for the Lone Star Show in October. We have been able to secure the services of Richard Apsley and Felipe Thorndike. As has been the practice for the last few years, they will conduct the show as conferring judges, while alternating as the call judge.

I wish to thank all of you who voted in the recent board election. By an overwhelming majority, Cheryl Aldrich, Eileen Craig and I were elected to the board. We thank you for your vote of confidence.

While on board business, I am delighted to inform you that the board has appointed Susan Henry to an open seat that was created when Harrison McDonald unexpectedly quit. Susan will take on the role of the club Treasurer, for which she is well-qualified.

This may be the briefest President's letter, but it has been a quiet period since the show and the holiday season. I look forward to seeing you during the new show season.


Terry Ellis


May 28 - 30
SWPHC Regional Championship Show
John Justin Arena, Fort Worth, TX
Nelma Epley (972) 771-2052

September 10-12
PPHRNA National Show
John Justin Arena, Ft. Worth, TX
Janetta Michael (707) 579-4394

October 29 - 31
1999 Lone Star Classic
Katy, TX
Judge: Richard Apsley and Felipe Thorndike
Roberta Ellis (409) 992-3441

For a complimentary copy of the Lone Star Letter, official newsletter for the Lone Star Peruvian Horse Club, contact by email or mail:

LSPHC Newsletter
Cheryl Aldrich
30169 Twin Ridge Drive
Bulverde, TX 78163
(830) 980-4119


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