Peruvian Paso Horse
Lost and Found

Wonder what happened to your long LOST Peruvian Paso Horse?
Send me an email with all the details and a pic if you have it.
I'll list all the details and pics here, except for your email and full name.
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Send all Lost and Found responses to me.  I will forward only legit email responses to the searcher.

I'll come up with a PRIZE for anyone that finds a long lost horse!



Where is Endora DN ?

  "I am looking for a Peruvian mare that was sold to someone in Montana or Wyoming around 1998-2000.  Her registered name is Endora DN.  She is probably 17-19 years old now, solid bay, 14-1h+/-.  If you have any knowledge of her I would appreciate it.  I know this is a really long shot."

Search requested by R.L.11/2008


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