National Microchip Horse Registry

The National Microchip Horse Registry and AVID, the leading manufacturer of electronic ID for animals, have joined forces to protect your investment in the equine industry & bring peace of mind to horse owners in the U.S. & Canada. Each identified horse will be put on a database with its microchip #, owner's name, address & phone number, along with a detailed description of the animal. Also provided is a saddle registry. A microchip is actually inserted into the tree of the saddle, then registered with the same database.

All packing plants in the U.S. & Canada have AVID readers, which can also read microchips manufactured by other companies. Agricultural, animal control & law enforcement officers also either have, or have access to, these readers. The packing plants have agreed to scan horses prior to slaughter & notify the NMHR if a chip is found in a horse, so the owner can be notified.

The microchip is enclosed in a small tube of bio-compatible glass. The entire unit is about the size of a grain of rice. It is injected, either by a licensed veterinarian or a certified technician, into the ligament at the crest of the neck, between the poll & withers. No anesthesia is needed, & there is little or no discomfort to the animal. It can be done on animals of any age, with no resulting blemishes, white hair or loss of hair. No two animals can receive the same number, & once the chip is placed, it cannot be altered or removed.

Besides being a powerful theft deterrent, there are other distinct advantages:
  • Humane, unalterable alternative to branding & tattooing
  • Recovery of animals separated from owners during natural disasters
  • Health certificate & Coggins test verification
  • I.D. in equine athletes, aiding both competition management & the spectating public
  • Means of guarantee that a horse being sold is the one represented by the seller
  • I.D. of breeding stock, establishing genetic integrity
  • Re-registration of horses with lost or destroyed registration papers

For More Information Contact:
National Microchip Horse Registry
Athens, TX
(800) 327-8679

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