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 Lorraina at Mom's side.

Dona Juana's first Mule foal

Dona Juana is a chestnut peruvian broodmare. She is now 14 years old, a Palomo daughter and she has produced many beautiful foals.

This girl had no way of knowing that this baby would be like no foal she had ever had before! I am sure she had long forgotten that many months ago she met a very handsome, long-eared, loudbraying stallion by the name of Rowdy Red Wrangler: A Red Roan Mammoth Jack.

Delivery day (7/17/96) has arrived and we are wondering what color this foal will be and will it have the Peruvian conformation.

Mule foals are normally very strong and begin inspecting their new world surroundings the minute they are up and wobbling around. Since Dona was a veteran broodmare, I expected her to adapt to her energetic baby quickly.

Within a few minutes "Lorraine" had found "the food", drank some and began to explore. It was now time to continue the imprinting process. Dona was very comfortable with us in the stall and laid down for a well deserved rest, while we worked with her new foal. A half hour later everyone was ready for a nap.

The first day found Dona trying to keep her new foal close, as she always did before, however, Lorraina had her own agenda. Wondering over to every corner, tasting every bucket, and following every human that entered her path. No matter how loud Dona voiced her objections, Lorraina played deaf.

On the second day it was time to introduce Lorraina to the back arena to let her and Mom stretch their legs. The walk to the arena was an adventure for Lorraina. She stopped at every pen to introduce herself. Some liked her, some did not, she didn't seem to care much. Mom did, she was extremely unhappy that her new baby was so close to others, Without her Permission!

We are now finally at the arena. Dona is released and decides to run and unwind a bit. She heads for the end of the arena, gets almost to the end and notices something is missing! Lorraina ! (She decided to stay with us and get her head rubbed).

Lorraina 1"Wait just a minute", she says, "GET OVER HERE!"

Lorraina looks at Mom, soon finds out that she can run, kick up her heels, kick at Mom and make Mom run after her. What a fun game! By this time poor Dona begins to get upset, runs after Lorraina shaking her head and trying to explain to her darling mule baby that she is supposed to follow Mom. Lorraina doesn't buy this at all, since the other way is much more fun.

After a half hour it is time to go back to the barn for the day. Dona is exhausted and welcomes the fresh straw where she and Lorraina can sleep.

Every day when it is time to play in the arena, Lorraina runs, plays, chews, kicks and jumps all over Mom, sometimes running in big circles so fast Dona, just stands in the middle and turns. Dona is finding that she can just stand there and darling little Lorraina will come back when she wants something

It is now time to introduce others to the arena to play with Lorraina. She is so happy for the company she runs up, kicks, runs away. She is having a great time. Poor Dona is now frantic again, trying to tell everyone to "get away from my baby". Dona tries to convince Lorraina she should not play with others, but to no avail.

After two weeks of being stressed with this unruly baby Dona finally understands. She just stands in the center of the arena watching. I think she must be thinking " I give up! If I just let her play she gets really really tired and runs back to me. Hey...This ain't so bad. In fact... I think I like this better." .... written and submitted by Marge Spencer 

Lorrainna at 9 months



This is an updated photo of Lorraina at 9 months old who's not a baby anymore!.

She measures 13.1 hands and she is expected to stand about 15 to 15.2 hands.

And she's for sale!

More Photos below

 Lorrainna and Bob 2

Lorraina, the red molly will reach 3 years of age in July and is 15 hands now.

Bob, the black john, will reach 2 years of age in June and is 14.3 hands.

Looks like both will be around 15.1 to 15.2hands.





 Lorraina and Bob

Bob & Lorraina with 17 hand Draft horse behind


Lorrainna in foreground with Bob right behind her.

Introducing "Santa" (Quarter Moon Beam)
(March 1999)
We took him to Bishop mule days last year and have many booked for breeding this season. There is a local Peruvian breeder that wants to breed some next year also.


We got our own Jack late in 1997. He is 15 yrs. old, 14.2 h and has great confirmation and wonderful color. Wouldn't it be great to have a flashy paint peruvian mule!


Please continue! 

Santa's first foal 7/25/99
Santa's first foal at attention!

Introducing Santa's first foal!
Photos were taken at 8 hours old. Born 7/25/99

Santa's forst foal
Thanks to Marge for these great photos!
What at Beauty!!!

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