If you enjoy horses, adventure or travel, you will love this book about Verne Albright's famous ride from Peru to California on the back of Peruvian Paso Horses.
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For Verne Albright, his famous ride from Peru to California was a personal adventure, but to many it was the event that introduced the Peruvian Paso to North America. Thirty-three years later, this incredible story is the subject of an extraordinary book,

The Long Way to Los Gatos

An Odyssey with Peruvian Paso Horses.
Reads like First-Class Fiction, But every word is True!

"An Adventure Involving a Witch Doctor,
two Bandit Gangs, a Bullying Sheriff,
a Television Camera Crew,
a Revolution in Nicaragua and
a Beautiful American Girl Named Emily"

Title: The Long Way to Los Gatos
Author: Verne R. Albright
Release date: Fall, 1999

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The Long Way to Los Gatos

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PERU - Vampire bats, poisonous snakes and deserts that sear his feet right through the soles of his boots. Two bandits stalk him in the middle of nowhere. Newspaper photographers pop up miles from civilization, and reporters wait at the entrance to every town. His horses share quarters with convicts.

ECUADOR - The driver of a road grader does all he can to intentionally run Verne and his horses down. Yet another run-in with bandits. A Peace Corps nurse warns him that he faces malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera and bubonic plague. Before it's too late, he desperately seeks to learn the identity of the tasty, toxic plants that killed the bloated, dead mules along the roadside.

COLOMBIA - Lair of vicious bandit gangs that murder thousands annually.

PANAMA - The tropical sun forces locals to shield themselves with gigantic leaves, and Verne is obliged to build smoldering fires in order to keep literally millions of bloodsucking, disease-carrying insects at bay.

COSTA RICA - Home of an American deserter from the Vietnam War who accurately predicts several days in advance that he'll find himself attracted to a beautiful girl. One morning brings the news that there is anthrax only a few miles away. Verne and his horses cross the Peak of Death, where travelers have the disconcerting habit of freezing to death in standing positions.

NICARAGUA - Where even his greatest hero was afraid to go, he enters just after most Americans have fled a violent revolution.

HONDURAS - A submachine-gun-toting solider accompanies him from border to border - and not for his protection! A border official comes to the conclusion that Verne has offered a bribe.

EL SALVADOR - Where signs in bars demand that patrons check their side arms while on the premises.

GUATEMALA - A romantic interlude. Two Golden Opportunities lost. And the world's greatest bargain in railway travel.

MEXICO - An angry border official gets ready to confiscate his horses, forcing him to become a fugitive from the law ... And he runs out of money, which brings him into conflict with Mexican law a second time.

UNITED STATES - Home Sweet Home!


"I had difficulty putting it down... read it by interior light on a nighttime car trip from Arizona to Texas... fascinating... will highly recommend it to my friends." - Judy Henslee

"A thrilling adventure... a triumphal struggle... Suspense hangs in the air throughout... Jack London would have cherished this epic." - Will Thorpe

"What more could a person want in a good book?" - Marlyn Lemley

"The first night I read 'til 2:00A.M. eager to see what adventure waited around the next bend." - Steve Wood

"A great story that held my interest like a powerful magnet! - Lionell K. Griffith

"What an adventure! I read it again as soon as I finished it!" - Sidney Weisheimer

"I stayed up most of the night reading it... my heart raced as I turned each page!" - Dane Hartwell

"I savored every chapter and rationed them carefully, reading slower and slower, just to make the journey last." - Susan Risvold

"Compared to most books, it was like having cheesecake after a steady diet of cabbage, and I took lots of little bites to p..r..o..l..o..n..g the enjoyment." - Rhonda Hart

"Great book... couldn't put it down. Each chapter was as interesting as the one before! This should be made into a motion picture!" - Vera Hoper

"I was totally caught up and plan to read it again." - Karen Bailey

"Should be a National Bestseller! It's better than most action fiction out there... would make a killer action flick!" - Sandy Nathan

"One great storyteller!" - Elizabeth McCall

"Read it several times. An excellent book! - Janie Perritt

"Loved it!" - Lyslie Remme

"Someone should make a movie out of this!" - Bill Brooks

"Thank you for giving all true horsemen a wonderful book!" - Greg Mason

"An excellent adventure." - John Telucci

"A beautiful adventure. I enjoyed it very much!" - Anja Burgmans

"Unputdownable epic story written in highly readable style. Characters, good and bad, described with great gentleness and humor. Truly uplifting and deserves a wide audience." - Charles Bazalgette

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