A collection of poems and Short Stories

written by Tom Voiss


This is a small collection of some of Mr. Voiss' writtings. It is hoped that you find pleasure in the reading of them.

If you enjoy these poems and short stories, please let the author know by writing to:
Tom Voiss
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9667 Nacimiento Lake Dr.
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Short Stories

The Cat The Dog
The Carousel Horse The Tree


God moved around from place to place.
And thought about the human race.
Conquistadors were quiet now.
As most had traded sword for plow.

Down the Andes slopes he swept.
And came upon a boy who wept.
On his lap a cradled head.
Of a baby horse now almost dead.

And God took pity on this lad.
Whose helpless love made Him feel sad.
I'll make that horse the best one yet.
For him to love and work and pet.

The horse's eyes they blinked then stared.
And he nickered to the boy who cared.
And he kinda cuddled in his arms.
To let the boy enjoy his charms.

The boy and horse became best friends.
Their love was boundless, without ends.
The horse's beauty was known to all.
So all horse lovers came to call.

They bred to him and God just smiled.
He loved this horse and he loved the child.
The horse's arrogance was a thing to see.
Matched only by his tractability/y.

He worked from dawn till the day was done.
And he performed like it was only fun.
His legend grew with his progeny.
The greatest horse in the world was he.

Thru the centuries the legend lives.
A smoother ride than any gives.
Who is this horse so blessed by God.
The Peruvian Paso gets the nod.

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There's a spirit in all things you see.
Be it a rock a flower or even me.
The Creators brush dabs everywhere.
Creating gifts for us to share.

The earth with all its seas and mountains.
A mute expression of boundless fountains.
It's a gift to be shared by one and all.
Not plunder for those who just think small.

The trees and flowers spirits' express.
Their need for love and tenderness.
His brush so brilliant in its hues.
Another miracle for us to muse.

The animals that grace this blessed spot.
Are often models for lessons taught.
The Artist's brush has well endowed.
This gift of which I'm sure He's proud.

And man in His own image lives.
And to him a free will He gives.
For each to use in their own way.
To live their life to grow or play.

And to all things His presence brings.
Perfection from the King of Kings.
It's all for us to take and use.
To share with all or to abuse.

It's all His work, this wondrous place.
We're all of Him, so lets embrace.
This place He's sketched for us to share.
And show Him that we love and care.

By bringing love to all our thoughts.
And empathy to others lots.
So give of self no miser be.
And joy is yours eternally.



The animals of the world are here
For us to cherish not to fear.
But some of us for some strange reason
Negate their worth and that 's plain treason.

But in this world of wondrous joys
There's a love affair, no, not girls and boys.
The Lovers are those of us that know
That the love of animals helps us grow.

What other gift of God on earth
Can give us either warmth or mirth?
Either loving friend or wild beast
Natural beauty is its gift at least.

Unbridled Love of life's their thing
So to the table let us bring
Responsibility for their care
And for their water, food, and air.

Be they wild beasts that survive on fear
Or domestic pets that we hold dear.
They speak with eloquence in their way
And you can believe the things they say.

They can feel an earthquake through their genes
With greater accuracy than mans machines.
Unerring instincts let them know
If one approaching is friend or foe.

But their honest spirit is their greatest gift
And their enduring love whether pleased or miffed.
They live for now in their brief span
In that there's a lesson far all man.

So join me in a silent prayer
Let all the animals know we care.
Put out love, no master be
The magic will be harmony.


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Ah, to think of thee instead of me
Is compassion don't you see.
It's, oh so easy, in a close quaint way
To have compassion make your day.

But don't you rush to praise yourself
When the caring adds to pride or pelf.
We tend to think that we've been tricked
When our own interests create conflict.

And in that conflict lies the chance
For us to grow and thus advance.
For caring only counts you see
When action is response to plea.

For if we only state we care
And then don't help cause we don't dare
We only make the problem grow
And to the world indifference show.

Explore your heart and honest be
It's the only way your soul's set free.
For all answers are right there inside
If you truly seek they'll never hide.

But what we mostly tend to do
Is have compassion for just a few
Our loved ones problems we embrace
But we're all God's children we don't face.

The answer for our personal growth
Don 't be a victim of your sloth.
Embrace the world - It's all God's work.
Reject the fear that evils lurk.

Give love to all, be it man or beast
Enjoy this world - It 's God's great feast.
If the problem lies across the sea
Remember that could be you or me.



Trust me said a most religious man.
I looked, I listened then I ran.
For religion when used to guile or ploy
Is an effective tool used to destroy.

And many a man for his own good
Uses religion not like he should.
And in its use he justifies
Dishonest acts until he dies.

Its fundamental doctrines state
A host of options to create.
Justifications that include
Any fraud that fits the mood.

So when beliefs are used to guide
Distrust by you is justified
No honest man will ever state
Trust me with your life and fate.

An honest man will try to see
What's good for you as well as he
And his perception will embrace
Mutual good in every case.

But if he really knows the truth
No eye for eye or tooth for tooth.
He 'lI look for ways to make you win
Advantage taken to him's a sin.

A fellow man to him in need
Is not a license to proceed
To twist and turn and justify
Then to himself to smile and lie.

A truly honest man's reward
Is not the nuts that he has stored.
Its the love he gave to one and all
That makes him so happy, proud, and tall.

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What greater gift could there be
Than life through all eternity.
It's yours for nothing in this plan
So give, if you wish, in this brief span.

The givers of the world know
That giving is the way to grow.
You cannot give and not receive
A thought that takers can't perceive.

The takers of the world ingest
The givers quest for happiness.
And ill perceive those things acquired
They're merely trinkets of things desired.

But Oh how foolish can they be
They can't perceive eternity.
They grab, they cheat, they take, they lie
And then, like all of us, they die.

It's oh so easy my dear friend
To have your life move toward the end
When you perceive the simple truth
That livings nothing without rush.

This platform that we call this life
Is filled with joy and stress and strife
But who we are is measured by
The response we give until we die.

So love your fellow man and beast
And on this worlds treasure feast
It's all for you to just enjoy
Not to plan and scheme and ploy.

It's a gift of God this blessed place
So all the universe embrace
And all you takers be apprised
The stuff you got was just disguised.



Creative genius thru this brief span
A fabled gift reserved for man.
A source of joy and ecstasy
In many forms for all to see.

For in this mad mad race called living,
Too few devote their life to giving.
Some sculpt or sing or act or write.
While takers lives take all their might,

While each of us if asked say we
Seek approval for immortality
We lack desire for things aspired,
Because in fact we're just too tired.

But those of us who grab the ring
To all the rest enchantment bring.
For we have taken time from self
And created beauty not just wealth.

Some find source too few have tapped
While others grabbed or took or sapped.
But if those takers stopped to see
That creating just means ecstasy.

They'd know there is no limit there
There is just abundance for all to share.
There is no end what we can do,
We can stick in mud or accept the new.

Put it down in clay or paint or pen.
And show the rest where man has been.
In each one of us a genius sleeps
And if we sow the world reaps.

So to the artists of the world
I thank you for your gifts unfurled.
The rest of us may sleep or nod
But you've expressed the gifts of God.



How dare one pick up bark or pen.
To chronicle where man has been.
To challenge gospels cut in stone.
In our western world is to stand alone.

For an truths are caught up in belief.
And in that concept new thoughts a thief
For old beliefs are much endeared.
And bold new concepts often feared.

But oh those brave and noble souls.
Who say that history's full of holes.
I doff my hat and bow down low.
And thank them for our chance to grow.

They cast out shadows and bring the light.
And show that ignorance is our plight.
Enlightenment is their gift to all.
Open up and watch the idols fall.

God gave us paper, pen, and brains
We channel what the world retains.
The choice is ours because we write
Contribute greatness or just trite.

Be you blessed or cursed or eulogized.
It's not important if your prized.
And the truth from your own point of view.
Is the one to whom you must be true.

So pick up pen and do your thing.
And to the world your message bring.
It's yours, spread tears of pain or joy
And carefully choose what you employ.

God blessed you with a special gift
It's up to you to carefully sift.
Your words and thoughts you'll leave behind.
To impress upon some fresh new mind.

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