Rinconada Ranch Breeders of world class horses

At Rinconada we chose to breed the Peruvian Paso horse because we believe it to be the smoothest riding horse and one with an inherent attitude to please the rider.

With over two decades of equine experience our breeding direction was carefully researched. We believe the four-beat timing, good legs, and a good temperament create a luxury ride and enjoyable equine experience. Our breeding program is focused on producing horses with an inherited precise gait and a soundness of body, mind, and spirit.

Our mission is to operate an ethical and profitable business, breeding high quality gaited horses. It is our goal to match the buyer with the right horse; whether it be for investment, performance, or companionship. We take pride in the number of first time buyers that return to become repeat customers. We will be glad to provide references upon request.

Gerry and Esther Holubiczko encourage you to make an appointment and visit our ranch.

337 Ricardo Drive
Aromas, CA 95004 
   Phone: (831) 726-2616
Fax: (831) 726-3838
E-mail: rri@pacbell.net

Gerry & Esther Holubiczko

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