Show Ring Excuses

from the January - April 1997 Nuestro Caballo, Newsletter for the PPHRNA

 Excuses I've heard for not winning:

The ring was full of flies.
The horse ate too much hay last night.
She stepped on a rock.
The judge is legally blind.
She's off her feed.
The trainer changed the brand of feed.
She didn't drink water last night.
Somebody put salt in her water.
She drank to much water last night.
I forgot to fly spray the horse.
I used the wrong fly spray.
I changed trailers.
The judge doesn't like the trainer.
It was an American judge.
It was a Peruvian judge.
It was a woman judge.
It was a California judge.
It was a Texas judge.
This is not a real judge.
All those California people came.
All those Texas people came.
Too many big breeders showing.
Too many small breeders showing.
That was a bad judge.
The judge owns horses just like the winners.
This doesn't count; it's not a real show.
The judge sold horses to the winners.
The judge bought horses from the winners.
The judge once worked for the winners.
The judge wants to work for the winners.
So and so rode the horse last week and ruined her.
The judge likes small horses.
The judge likes big horses.
The judge wants termino.
The judge hates termino.
The judge's horses have the same bloodline as the winners.
The barn was too noisy last night.
The music in the ring was too loud.
They forgot to play the music.
They played the wrong music.
The horse couldn't hear the music.
The horse didn't like the music.
The horse can't stay in gait to the music they played.
The ground was too soft.
The ground was too hard.
The judge didn't look at all the winners.
The trainer used the wrong halter.
The trainer was drunk
The trainer should have been drunk.
The trainer was drunk last night.
The trainer was sick.
Her feet were trimmed wrong.
We forgot to trim her feet. The farrier ruined her.
The judge like lots of lift.
The judge doesn't like lots of lift.
The winner gave the judge a lift.
The rider wore spurs.
The rider forgot to wear spurs.
The rider wore the wrong spurs.
The poncho was the wrong color.
The judge likes dark ponchos.
The judge doesn't like dark ponchos.
The poncho was scaring the horse.
The poncho was on backwards.
The poncho was wrong side out.
The other horse was in heat.
My horse was in heat. The ring was too hot.
Spanish confused the horse.
The horse doesn't understand English.

 Excuses I've never heard:

The best horse won!

























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